Pointe Shoe fittings


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It is important that dancers first develop the necessary strength to support themselves in pointe shoes. Without the necessary strength and technique, pointe shoes become quite dangerous. Dancers also must have the technical ability to maintain proper alignment while working in pointe shoes. Attempting pointe work without proper strength and technique or before bones have fully formed can lead to many serious injuries and the development of bad habits. 

It is important to make sure pointe shoes are always fitting correctly to ensure that you are supported and safe while dancing. 

We have professionally trained pointe shoe fitters on hand to conduct pointe fittings. Our store is equipped to comfortably it up to three pointe customers at a time. Depending on the how many fittings are ongoing when you arrive at our store, there might be a wait time before a fitter becomes available. We do ask that all pointe shoe customers arrive at least one hour before closing to ensure enough time for a proper fitting, especially if it is your first fitting. Fitting times will vary in length but anticipate spending 30-60 minutes to ensure you find the right pair of pointe shoes.



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