About us


Welcome to DANZ! We are proud to have been serving the community of dancers throughout the province of Quebec for over 30 years.

We offer a wide selection of dance shoes, clothing and accessories to suit dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders of all levels, budgets, and needs.

We pride ourselves on giving personalized attention to each customer, whether you are shopping in our store or online.

Owner Christine O’Meara and her loyal team are passionate and knowledgeable, offering customer service like no other. John Anthony Luzio who worked in dance shoe manufacturing for 20+ years. Monique Gilbert, 25+ year veteran and professional point-shoe fitter and Laurene Audibert experience and strong knowledge of classical ballet and dance, make up this extraordinary team.

Danz Etc is located in Montreal on Jean-Talon near Christophe-Colomb; at a convenient walking distance of the Jean-Talon Metro station.

We have grown our business and have gained the trust of numerous Dance Studio and Instructors with whom we have built strong relationships over the years. Our point-shoe fitting techniques are incomparable and we take pride in the attention we provide to each individual dancer during their fittings.

We offer an array of other products for all types of dance needs, cheerleading, gymnastic, figure-skating, yoga, and more. Rapidly growing is our Cheerleading division lead by Jennifer Anette Bonneau, as made us a a go-to destination in the city for Cheerleading needs. We have made many teams throughout the province who proudly wear their cheer shoes and uniforms designed by our specialists.

Our gymnastics uniforms are also designed specifically for teams and individuals. We carry an array of specialty dance, figure-skating attire, accessories, après-dance, activewear as well.

Now with our online shop, we wish to provide the best services and products for your dance, cheer, skating, yoga… needs!  Enjoy your shopping and thank you for choosing and encouraging your local Dance Store!